PDLC vinyl installation in office


The client installed an elegant glass partition between his office and living room, and told us he wanted an environment that would provide privacy during work hours without compromising the abundant natural light that flows through the glass area.

To comply with this request, we have chosen to install PDLC vinyl. This film provides complete privacy when darkened, while allowing generous transmission of natural light. This choice guarantees a perfect balance between privacy and luminosity.

  • Opaque mode

    PDLC vinyl in opaque mode (off).

  • Transparent mode

    PDLC vinyl in transparent mode (on).

Benefits achieved


With PDLC vinyl in opaque mode, total privacy is achieved.


It has been possible to maintain the natural luminosity of the room in both modes.

UV protection

UV protection has been increased to 99%. Reducing the deterioration of objects, paintings and furniture to the maximum.


With the push of a button the vinyl goes from opaque to transparent in an instant.

Installation video

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