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PDLC Smart Film™

PDLC Smart Film™

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PDLC Smart Vinyl

If you are looking for an innovative solution to control the privacy of a room, PDLC film may be the answer. These sheets are a type of smart vinyl that uses advanced technology to adjust the transparency according to the user's needs.

Our PDLC Smart Film offers unlimited applications and utilities.

When turned off it offers total privacy thanks to its opacity. And when you turn it on it becomes transparent .

In both modes the sheet continues to maintain excellent light transmission from one room to another.

What is a PDLC smart film?

PDLC is the acronym in English for “Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal”, which means polymer dispersed liquid crystal. Basically, our PDLC Smart Film consists of two layers of plastic with a layer of liquid crystal dispersed between them.

When the PDLC sheet is in its "off" state, the liquid crystal is in a disordered state, making the sheet opaque.

However, when an electrical charge is applied to the sheet , the liquid crystal aligns, allowing light to pass through the sheet making it transparent.

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What are the common applications of PDLC sheets?

PDLC films have a variety of applications, such as office and commercial building windows, glass partitions, projection screens, and more. They are used anywhere where privacy, light and visibility control is required, such as boardrooms, hospitals, hotels and homes.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, PDLC films are self-adhesive. The installation process is similar to that of vinyl. All orders include assembly instructions.
We also provide telephone help if you have any questions before or during installation.

What are the benefits of PDLC sheets?

The benefits of PDLC films include regulating privacy and light entry, improving the comfort of interior spaces. They also offer energy savings by reducing the need for curtains or blinds and can act as a high-quality projection solution. Furthermore, PDLC sheets are aesthetically appealing and can be elegantly integrated into architecture.

Are PDLC sheets safe?

Yes, PDLC sheets are safe for use in buildings and homes. They comply with safety regulations and are manufactured with high quality materials. In addition, they are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and do not emit toxic substances.

How does a PDLC smart film work?

The PDLC sheet works thanks to the application of an electric field. When there is no electricity, the liquid crystals inside the sheet are disordered , which prevents light from passing through the sheet and makes it opaque. However, when electricity is applied, the liquid crystals align and allow light to pass through the sheet, making it transparent.

The amount of electricity needed to change the transparency of the foil depends on the configuration of the foil and the input voltage. A typical foil runs on a 12-volt power source , meaning it can be powered by a battery or wall socket.

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