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ESPEJO45i INTERIOR solar control film

ESPEJO45i INTERIOR solar control film

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The Espejo 45i solar control film drastically reduces solar heat input and allows in much of the natural light. It reduces glare and its smooth mirrored exterior side ensures privacy while providing a contemporary exterior look.

  • Reduces heat input through the windows by 68%.
  • Improves air conditioning performance.
  • Quick return on investment .
  • Increases the degree of energy efficiency from your house.
  • Totally reduces deterioration of your furniture, floors, textiles, etc., as it blocks 99.9% of UV rays.
  • Increase the privacy of your home thanks to its mirror effect.
  • Reduces glare by 64%, making your stay much more pleasant and quiet.
  • Anti-break safety, thanks to this film, if your glass breaks it will not fall into pieces, with the risk that this entails.

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Protect yourself from the sun without giving up light

Lamina Protect™ sun protection and control films offer multiple benefits:
They reduce heat input into buildings, reducing the need to use air conditioning and, therefore, saving energy . This not only reduces costs, but also improves well-being by maintaining cooler environments. They also protect furniture and floors from fading caused by ultraviolet radiation.

In addition to their advantages in energy saving and well-being, solar control sheets are also beneficial for skin health. By blocking ultraviolet radiation, they help protect the skin from sun damage, reducing the risk of premature aging and health problems such as skin cancer.

What is a solar control film?

A solar control film is a self-adhesive film applied to windows to improve energy efficiency by blocking solar heat. They are made of polyester, ceramic particles or alloys, and are easily installed without any work. These films consist of several layers that filter the solar spectrum, protect against scratches, breaks and graffiti, and improve safety by preventing glass fragmentation.

More information
  • Technical data:

    Data calculated based on a film applied to 3 mm clear glass:

    UV transmission: 1%

    Visible light transmission: 44%

    Exterior visible light reflection: 44%

    Interior visible light reflection: 44%

    Total solar energy rejected: 68%

    Total solar energy rejected 2*: 64%

    Solar ratio:

    Solar energy reflection: 43%

    Solar energy absorption: 35%

    Solar energy transmission: 22%

    Glare reduction: 64%

    "g" value: 0.31

    "u" value: 5.16

    Reduction of heat loss. (winter): N/A

    Infrared rejection (760-2500 nm):

    Shadow coefficient: 0.36

    Installation type: Indoor

    Roll length: 30.5m

    Film composition: PET

    Thickness: 50μ

    Color from outside: Medium Silver

    *In double glazing 4/16/4

    Mirror 45i solar control sheet. Non-contractual data, Lamina Protect™ reserves the right to modify the composition of its films at any time. Consult our warranty bulletins and our general conditions of sale.

  • Installation Tips:

    For vertical installation and on a standard glass surface:

    Clear single glazing✅

    Tinted single glazing✅

    Reflective tinted single glazing✅

    Clear double glazing✅

    Tinted double glazing❗️

    Reflective tinted double glazing✅

    Double glazing with gas❗️

    Clear double glazing STADIP EXT❗️

    Clear double glazing STADIP INT.❗️

    ✅ Can be installed ❗️ Caution ⛔️ Not recommended

    These tips are for an installation whose individual glass has a maximum surface area of ​​2.50m2. For glass installations with a larger surface area, contact us.

  • Multi-layer composition:

    1. Hard layer resistant to common scratches, this layer allows good durability and facilitates maintenance during cleaning.
    2. High optical quality polyester, with anti-infrared ray metal particle deposit.
    3. Adhesive.
    4. High optical quality polyester.
    5. PS adhesive, polymerizes with glass in 15 days
    6. Protective coating, remove for installation.
  • Cleaning and maintenance:

    For cleaning, a soap and water-based solution should be used. You should never use any type of chemical or abrasive cleaner. Do not use rags, scouring pads or any other utensils that could scratch or damage the protective layer of the sheet.

    The sheet should not be cleaned until 1 month after installation. No additional adhesives should be used for installation.