How the PDLC is used in the Turrón and Chocolate Museum

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In our project with the Torrón and Chocolate Museum of Torrons Vicens, we have carried out, together with Grup Transversal, the implementation of PDLC sheets in one of its featured rooms . This cutting-edge technology has managed to redefine visitor interaction by enabling the projection of images on glass coated with PDLC sheets. By activating transparency, the crystals surprisingly reveal the unique scenography of the history of chocolate, thus creating a memorable experience for all sweet lovers who visit the museum . This project has been a significant step towards modernizing the exhibition and enhancing the visual narrative, giving visitors a unique and immersive perspective into the fascinating world of chocolate.

  • When PDLC sheets are in an inactive state, the crystals transform into an optimal surface for image projection, offering museum curators a creative opportunity to display in innovative ways. The ability to project the artist's works onto the glass translates into a captivating and surprising experience for visitors, immersing them in a unique way.

  • By activating the PDLC sheets, the crystals become transparent, thus revealing what is behind the crystals. This spatial transformation brings a completely new dimension to the museum visit, providing a unique insight into the rich history and cultural influence of these beloved products, thus enriching the public's experience.

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What is a PDLC sheet and how does it work?

A PDLC film, which stands for “Releasable Liquid Crystal Polymer,” is a type of intelligently controlled film that changes its opacity state in response to an electrical current. In its off state, the film is opaque, blocking visibility through it. When an electric current is applied, the liquid crystals align, turning the sheet transparent. This allows you to control privacy and the entry of light into interior spaces.

What are the common applications of PDLC sheets?

PDLC films have a variety of applications, such as office and commercial building windows, glass partitions, projection screens, and more. They are used anywhere where privacy, light and visibility control is required, such as boardrooms, hospitals, hotels and homes.

Are they easy to install?

Yes, thermal insulation sheets are usually easy to install. All our orders include installation instructions, spice soap and spatula. If you have any questions or queries before or during the installation process, you can call us by phone and we will be happy to help you.

What are the benefits of PDLC sheets?

The benefits of PDLC films include regulating privacy and light entry, improving the comfort of interior spaces. They also offer energy savings by reducing the need for curtains or blinds and can act as a high-quality projection solution. Furthermore, PDLC sheets are aesthetically appealing and can be elegantly integrated into architecture.

Are PDLC sheets safe?

Yes, PDLC sheets are safe for use in buildings and homes. They comply with safety regulations and are manufactured with high quality materials. In addition, they are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and do not emit toxic substances.

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