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CONFORT15 Thermal insulating film

CONFORT15 Thermal insulating film

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The Confort 15 thermal insulating film protects from the cold in winter and the heat in summer. It is a very low emissivity film (0.32). In addition, this film offers a quick payback thanks to savings in air conditioning throughout the year, since it is also excellent for controlling heat in summer.

  • Thermal insulation: Reduces energy expenditure by up to 40% to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Reduces heat loss through the windows by 33%.
  • Reduces heat input through the windows by 78%.
  • Improves air conditioning performance.
  • Quick return on investment , since its benefits are throughout the year.
  • Increases the degree of energy efficiency from your house.
  • Totally reduces deterioration of your furniture, floors, textiles, etc., since they block 99.9% of UV rays.


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The best protection

Lamina Protect™ thermal insulating sheets contain a high concentration of metal particles, which do not make contact with the cold glass, thus creating a chamber that reflects heat inward and does not let it escape.

Heat in winter
Foil technology reflects interior heat and helps keep you warmer during the winter.

cold in summer
It blocks much of the solar heat inside in summer, keeping your room cooler.

  • Technical data:

    Data calculated based on a film applied to 3 mm clear glass:

    UV transmission: 1%

    Visible light transmission: 16%

    Exterior visible light reflection: 55%

    Interior visible light reflection: 55%

    Total solar energy rejected: 78%

    Total solar energy rejected*: 74%

    Solar ratio:

    Solar energy reflection: 50%

    Solar energy absorption: 40%

    Solar energy transmission: 10%

    Glare reduction: 82%

    "g" value: 0.22

    "u" value: 4.27

    Reduction of heat loss. (winter): 33%

    Emissivity: 0.32

    Infrared rejection: (760-2500nm)

    Shadow coefficient: 0.2

    Installation type: Indoor

    Roll length: 30.5m

    Film composition: PET

    Thickness: 50μ

    Color from outside: SILVER

    *In double glazing 4/16/4

    Comfort 15 thermal insulating sheet. Non-contractual data, Lamina Protect™ reserves the right to modify the composition of its films at any time. Consult our warranty bulletins and our general conditions of sale.

  • Installation Tips

    These tips are for an installation whose individual glass has a maximum surface area of ​​2.50m2.
    For glass installations with a larger surface area, contact us to make a study.

    Clear single glazing ✅

    Tinted single glazing ✅

    Reflective tinted single glazing ✅

    Clear double glazing ❗️

    Tinted double glazing ⛔️

    Reflective tinted double glazing ✅

    Double glazing with gas ⛔️

    Clear double glazing STADIP EXT❗️

    Clear double glazing STADIP INT. ⛔️

    ✅ Can be installed ❗️ Caution ⛔️ Not recommended

  • Multi-layer composition:

    1. Hard layer resistant to common scratches, this layer allows good durability and facilitates maintenance during cleaning.
    2. High optical quality polyester, with anti-infrared ray metal particle deposit.
    3. Adhesive.
    4. High optical quality polyester.
    5. PS adhesive, polymerizes with glass in 15 days
    6. Protective coating, remove for installation.
  • Cleaning and maintenance:

    For cleaning, a soap and water-based solution should be used. You should never use any type of chemical or abrasive cleaner. Do not use rags, scouring pads or any other utensils that could scratch or damage the protective layer of the sheet.

    The sheet should not be cleaned until 1 month after installation. No additional adhesives should be used for installation.

    To avoid possible oxidation of the sheet over time, a perimeter sealing will be mandatory between 5 and 10 days after installation.

We are installers

Calculate the price of thermal insulating film for windows. Using a simple form we will send you a supply or installation quote in less than 12 hours. Or if you prefer , call us by phone and we will be happy to advise you without any obligation.

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